I’m Being Followed

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Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; — Psalm 23:6a


You’re driving through your hometown city streets, on your way home. You’re preparing to make a turn, so you look in your rearview mirror to see if there is another car behind you, and there is. Nonetheless, you make your turn, and they turn behind you.

You proceed down the street for a mile or two, and your next turn is coming up. Again, you check your rearview mirror, then make your turn. The car that has been behind you for the last 15 minutes makes the same turn.

You turn again, and they turn also. So now you’re getting suspicious and conclude that someone is following you.

Now depending on your personality, you could react with either of the following emotions:

fear, anxiety, anger, or a state of panic.

What should you do next?

Is this just a coincidence?

Do you try to lose them? Or do you call someone and let them know what’s going on?

David was sure he was being followed. There was no question about it. But his followers were of a different kind. They were of the God kind. So, you might would say, a close encounter of the God kind.

Goodness and mercy were in hot pursuit. They literally followed David everywhere he went. If he traveled northward, they traveled northward. If he traveled towards the south, goodness and mercy traveled south.

If David turned left, goodness and mercy made a left turn. If he made a right turn, then their direction would be to the right.

Goodness and mercy are like a toddler following their mother around the house. They never let her out of their sight.

Goodness and mercy are your ride or die — your close companions — the two things you can’t leave home without. What an assurance to know you have the good things or daily benefits of God following you every day. But, not only that, but you also have His lovingkindness acting as your rear guard.

The Father yields unto us a host of protection in our times of need. Goodness and mercy are like a blanket coverage insurance policy. No matter where you go, you can have peace of mind in knowing you’re covered. The twin policy is not limited to any specific location or geographic area. Nor is it dependent upon a particular set of circumstances.

If Jesus is your Good Shepherd, you’re entitled to all He has to offer.

So, as you go from place to place today, rest assured that your guardian angels — goodness and mercy — are right behind you, following in your footsteps, making every turn and every stop, providing you the grace you need for the day.


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