Commute and Commune

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“Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” – Genesis 5:24, ESV


Do you have a special place designated for meeting with God – a place where you can still away and share your concerns and express your thoughts?

Often, when driving to work, I use that time to pray, worship, or just be still in the presence of the Lord. You could say that my car is my secret place — a place where God and I can share our thoughts, share our hearts, and share a ride.

If only there were a carpool lane on my stretch of I-40, I could get to work much quicker with “God as my Co-pilot.”

Remember that bumper sticker?

It was a wonderful reminder to carry God with us in our travels, seeking His presence and guidance in the midst of everyday life.

Nevertheless, one morning, after praying, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Commute and Commune.” I thought to myself, what a unique phrase. I’ve never heard this before. Lord, what are You saying?

I continued with my day but meditated on the words commute and commune. I wondered where I might find examples of someone commuting and communing with God in the scriptures. Then, the Holy Spirit brought three to mind.




When you think about it, these men had extraordinary relationships with God. They exemplify the closeness and intimacy that can be achieved through fellowship and obedience. Each one had their unique place or way of communing with God, emphasizing the personal and individual nature of their relationships.

Adam’s haven was in the Garden of Eden, a place of perfect communion before the fall. Abraham, often referred to as a friend of God, had encounters and conversations with the Lord in various locations, emphasizing the portable nature of his relationship with God. Enoch walked with God in such a way that he did not experience death but was taken directly into God’s presence.

The concept of “commute and commune” is a unique and meaningful way to express spending time with the Lord during everyday activities. It reminds us of the importance of daily maintaining a close relationship with the Divine. It’s also a beautiful reminder that such communion can happen anywhere and in various ways, reflecting the uniqueness of our walk with the Father.

You may not have to commute daily like I do. And you may not have a chosen place to meet with God. You could be like Abraham and have encounters with God in various locations. Nonetheless, whatever your situation may be, just know that God is wherever you are, and you can commune with Him whenever you like.


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