Will the Rocks Cry Out for You?

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But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” — Luke 19:40, NKJV


Whenever there’s a big celebrity affair, the event’s promoters will set the stage with a red carpet and block off the area to the main entrance with rope barriers.

All along the outer perimeters of the restricted area, you will see screaming fans and yelling paparazzi.

As each celebrity walks by, those along the walkway try everything within their power to get the attention of their favorite Star. Some may wave their arms back and forth; some shout out the celebrity’s name, while others wait for that perfect photo shot.

Now, imagine Jesus’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. As He entered the city, the multitude began to rejoice and praise with loud voices.

“ ‘Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” (Luke 19:38)

Well, this did not go over well with the Pharisees. They became disturbed when they heard all the praises and words of adoration and reverence that the people were shouting at Jesus. So much so that they asked Jesus to rebuke His followers (Luke 19:39). But Jesus, who never was without an answer to those who challenged Him, said, “If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!” (v. 40, NLT) In other words, these can’t control their emotions under the circumstances. With all that they have seen and heard, they can’t help but give me praise.

These people have seen sickness and diseases healed, provisions made in lack, deliverance, and the dead resurrected to life, all for the glory of God.

Let them be.

Can you imagine standing on the streets of Jerusalem and having Jesus pass before you? Your mouth is muzzled, and you can’t say a word. And then, suddenly, a rock begins to cry out with praise on your behalf. Many of us would first have to get over the shock and fear. Second, we would stand gazing in awe at what was happening before our eyes.

The rocks would not be ignorant of who was in their presence. If they could take on human characteristics, they would have witnessed the miraculous works of the Savior. They would have seen firsthand the healings, deliverances, feedings, and moments of grace. They would have been that fly on the wall that we sometimes reference when we want to know what’s happening in our absence.

When someone constantly performs miracles, signs, and wonders in your presence, you become star-struck, like the screaming fans and yelling paparazzi.

Can you think of a time when God worked on your behalf?

Perhaps He turned a negative diagnosis around or provided for you when you had a need. Maybe He lifted you from a state of depression or delivered you from a situation when you thought there was no return.

Whatever the condition or state of affairs, Jesus is worthy of all our praise.

When he passes through this week, don’t withhold the very thing He created us to do from Him. Let us honor Him with the fruit of our lips.

As the Psalmist said, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6)


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