Bring Your Cup

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“Sir, You sit by this deep well a thirsty man without a bucket in sight.” – John 4:11, The Voice.


The woman, whom Jesus met at the well, had the necessary tool, she needed, to draw water. So, when Jesus asked her for a drink, her attitude was one of — I have what I need to help quench my thirst. How can you come to this well expecting to get water to drink and not bring a rope or a drawing bucket?

According to the culture, at that time, Jesus wasn’t even supposed to be in her presence. Much less, engage in conversation.

At that moment, what He was asking was far above her means of understanding. But, as the conversation began to unfold, she soon caught the revelation that changed her life forever.

Now, consider this. You go to the refrigerator to get a drink of water, but you forget to take a cup or a glass.

What can you pour into so that you can drink? You could cup your hand and try pouring into it, but you wouldn’t get much. If that were your only option, you would find most of the liquid on the floor around your feet, losing all the substance needed to meet your need at the moment.

The Samaritan woman met Jesus in the right place and at the right time to have her present need met. It was her appointed season to have the spiritual thirst that she did not realize she had satisfied.

In those few moments alone with Jesus, He revealed her entire life story. And in turn, it was her testimony to her fellow villagers that affirmed Him to be who He said He was — the Living Water.

It is in the quiet spaces where Jesus is able to tell us all about ourselves. During those lapses of time, we learn His thoughts towards us. We come to know the areas that need to be washed with the word. And we gain the comfort, exhortation, and encouragement we need to continue pressing toward the mark.

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.” – John 7:37

From this fountain of everlasting life flows a spring of water, where if you drink from it, you will thirst no more.

As “Deep calls unto deep…” (Psalm 47:7), this gushing water spout will refresh, rejuvenate, and restore the desolate and parched places in your life. This running water will speak to the areas of hurt and confusion and make the crooked places straight. This running water will heal and bring salvation unto you. Furthermore, this running water will supply all the love, peace, and joy you need in your life.

The running well that I speak of is a well too deep ever to run dry.

My invitation to you today is to come. Come to the well and drink. Jesus is sitting there waiting. Don’t fret, just come. He’ll supply the water — all you’ll need to bring is your cup so it can be filled to overflowing.


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