Blessings Like a Revolving Door

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“Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. — Deuteronomy 28:6, NKJV


Revolving doors.

People rotating in and people rotating out.

You may see them in large office buildings, department stores, or banks.

But why use a revolving door?

Why not use a standard door?

According to The Chicago People’s Blog in an article entitled, 6 Reasons On Why Use Revolving Doors For Your Business, the number one reason is so you’ll have a larger entry and exit passageway. Thus, the larger the entry and exit, the more people can pass through — one versus four or five.

Therefore, the analogy of a revolving door works well when comparing it to the blessings of God.

The word blessed, in our passage, in Hebrew is bārak; it can mean kneel or bless. So, in our case, Israel would be blessed.[1]

God was trying to relay to Israel that if they were obedient to His commands, they would reap the benefits of His divine blessings. In other words, an overwhelming state of prosperity would show up in every area of their life. As a result, they were blessed coming in and blessed going out. Wherever they went, and whatever they did, God favored them.

A revolving door of blessings.

One can’t attempt to take an arm full of large boxes through a regulation doorway. You will not fit. You’ll find that you need to install a custom-ordered door — one that will extend beyond standard measures.

As long as we are obedient and adhere to the Father’s voice, we will always find ourselves in this state — blessed beyond measure with our cups running over.

So, I ask you:

Are you walking in obedience?

Are you ready to receive the blessing?

Faithfully obey the Father and experience an overflow.


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[1] “H1288 – bāraḵ – Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon (NKJV).” Blue Letter Bible. Accessed 9 May, 2022.

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